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Shocker: Palestinians Withdraw Call To Suspend Israel From FIFA

Sepp Blatter overrules attempt to refer status of Israeli clubs to UN, prompting Palestinian Football Association to drop suspension motion.

The Palestinian Football Association has withdrawn its call to have Israel suspended from Fifa in a chaotic last minute climbdown at the congress of football’s governing body in Zurich. Following days of negotiations, and the mediation of Fifa president Sepp Blatter, the Palestinian moves at the scandal-ridden congress appeared comprehensively

Rand Paul Wants To Start Demilitarizing Police Forces Around The Country

“As we rebuild the trust between communities and the police, we have to address the role that the federal government has played in supplying law enforcement with battlefield equipment. Our bill would ban the transfer of certain equipment and put safeguards in place to ensure that federal funds are used appropriately.”

Police Militarization Congress

  CARIMAH TOWNES & IAN MILLHISER for Think Progress report:  Days after President Obama announced the federal government will no longer offer local law enforcement certain military-grade equipment, Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) introduced a bill that would force state and local law agencies to return

VIDEO: US Military Accidentally Ships Live Anthrax Spores To 9 States, South Korea

Last week, a Department of Defense lab mistakenly sent live anthrax samples to labs in 9 US states and one on a US base in South Korea. Consequently, 26 lab workers have begun post-exposure treatment.

‘Silk Road Shared Responsibility’: Documentarian Questions Search, Seizure In Digital Age

Federal prosecutors are seeking a sentence «substantially above» the 20-year mandatory minimum that United States District Judge Katherine Forrest is looking to impose on Ulbricht, 31, who admitted to creating Silk Road, but denied any wrongdoing.

The homepage to Silk Road 2.0 was it was seized

RT reports: The accused creator of the Silk Road online drug bazaar, which enabled over $200 million in anonymous online sales, is to be sentenced on Friday. The director of a documentary about Ross Ulbricht told RT why his case "impacts the average citizen." Federal prosecutors are seeking a sentence "substantially above" the 20-year

Introducing World’s First “Bumblebee Highway” To Save Bees From Colony Collapse Disorder

The Oslo Garden Society’s solution has been to build a corridor that will consist of feeding areas every 250 meters (820 feet). The route runs from east to west through the city and involves the placement of nectar-rich flowers on rooftops and balconies.

A bee approaches landing on a blossom at a farmers field. The federal government is finally acknowledging and addressing colony collapse disorder.

(ANTIMEDIA) As the world’s bee population continues to decline, the community of Oslo, Norway is taking action to protect its pollinators. The Oslo Garden Society is working with the city’s municipal government, businesses, environmental organizations and the public to create a “bumble bee highway” that will provide food for bees. Urban areas

VIDEO: ISIS Lays Claim For Attack Outside Mosque In Dammam, Saudi Arabia – Killing 4

Many are calling this strategy by ISIS as «chickens coming home to roost» as Saudi Arabia and several gulf states funded and armed the terror group in it’s early stages to topple Shiite governments in Iraq and Syria.

Four people have been killed in eastern Saudi Arabia after a suicide bomber tried to enter a Shiite Islamic mosque during Friday prayers. Islamic State (ISIS) has reportedly taken responsibility for the attack. It is the second attack of its kind in a week after another suicide bomber attacked a Shiite Islamic mosque in the eastern province of