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American Woman Turns to Hunger Strike to Break Media Blackout on Yemen

“How unfair it is for me to have food when millions of people, including pregnant women and children, don’t have any food because of corrupt people in my complicit media hiding what’s happening.” — Hunger striker Pamela Bennett

Pamela Bennett | Yemen Hunger Strike

SAN FRANCISCO -- In Yemen, 18 million civilians are now at the brink of starvation, including 5 million children. The situation in the country, widely considered to be the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, is entirely man-made – the sordid result of the Saudi Arabia/UAE coalition’s war to control the Middle East’s poorest nation, a war that

US Sanctions Cost Venezuela $6B Since August 2017, Sparking Humanitarian Catastrophe

Cutting Caracas out of the international market has already triggered a widespread humanitarian catastrophe causing ordinary Venezuelans to suffer the consequences.

Venezuela Sanctions Hunger

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- United States sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela have cost the Latin American nation $6 billion since August of 2017, leaving the fate of healthcare and access to basic goods in jeopardy for millions of already struggling Venezuelans. As recently as early October, an anonymous source from the Trump

Latin America Returns to Washington’s Fold – and to Fascism

Latin America was for about 20 years the only western part of the world that was fully detached from the fangs of the empire. It has succumbed again to the forces of evil, to the forces of money, the forces of utter corruption and greed.

Argentina IMF Protests

Latin America is re-converting into Washington’s backyard and as a sideline is returning to fascist rule, similar but worse than the sixties seventies and eighties, which stood under the spell of the CIA-led Operation of Plan Condor. Many call the current right-wing trend Operation Condor II which is probably as close to the truth as can be. It is

Arabia Saudita compró en secreto un paquete de espionaje de $ 250 millones de Israel para rastrear a periodistas y activistas extranjeros

La muerte de Jamal Khashoggi sirve como un oscuro ejemplo del creciente aparato de espionaje global del Reino y las acciones que está dispuesto a tomar contra los ciudadanos extranjeros.

Saudi Arabia | Khashoggi

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA -- Saudi Arabia has inked a deal worth $250 million in advanced espionage technologies with Israel after a series of backroom meetings, according to a recent report from Emirati outlet Al-Khaleej. This revelation highlights the Kingdom’s increasingly aggressive spy apparatus under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) --

Leaked UN Memo Reveals Saudi Arabia Demanded «Favorable Coverage» In Exchange for Aid to Yemen

As journalist and Middle East expert Sharmine Narwani points out, the leaked document essentially «shows the UN is for sale» as «the KSA and UAE destroyed Yemen, then paid the UN to publicize their ‘good works’ in that broken state.

Saudi Arabia United Nations

We wonder if the Saudis had never been caught in Jamal Khashoggi's gruesome murder, would such essential stories and leaks now happening such as the below Guardian report ever see the light of day? On Tuesday The Guardian published select contents of a leaked internal United Nations document detailing a "pay to play" scheme orchestrated by Saudi

Collaboration of Bellingcat Founder and ISIS Twitter Account Exposed in New Report

Western “experts” like Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat and the Atlantic Council frequently promoted the ShamiWitness account despite its frequent promotion of Daesh talking points and brutal deeds.

ShamiWitness Higgins Header

MINNEAPOLIS  -- A new report has exposed the past collaboration of Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat and influential neo-conservatives with the “most influential Twitter account” of the terror group Daesh, also known as the Islamic State (ISIL, ISIS). That collaboration helped promote the account, which posted under the Twitter handle @shamiwitness, as