Todos los estadounidenses deberían ver el nuevo documental de guerra de Afganistán de Abby Martin

El nuevo documental de Abby Martin, "La guerra de Afganistán expuesta: una conspiración imperial", es un tour de force, una visita obligada para todos los estadounidenses que buscan una comprensión holística de la guerra más larga de los Estados Unidos.

Afghanistan Mural Feature photo

The perpetual occupation of Afghanistan has become so normalized that it mostly serves as background noise to most Americans. It’s even jokingly referred to as the "Forever War," accepted as just another constant reality. A soldier dies now and again, a couple of dozen civilians get killed in another bombing. It’s never enough to stir the

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WATCH: Brave Congressman Explains How US Keeps Afghan Heroin Trade Alive at Your Expense

Congressman Thomas Massie blows the lid off the US subsidized opium trade and taxpayer funds flowing into the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This week, President Donald Trump, just like his predecessor Obama, promised to continue the utterly corrupt failure of a brutal occupation that is Afghanistan—despite running on a campaign to end it. For decades, the United States has been subsidizing—to the tune of billions of US tax dollars—failed projects, infrastructure, military, police, and

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Report: Millions In US Aid Unaccounted For In Afghanistan

The report comes on the heels of a U.N. survey that found corruption to be a serious problem in the war-ravaged nation.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) published a report this month warning that millions of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars allocated for the Afghan Ministry of Public Health could be misused or remain unaccounted for. “Despite financial management deficiencies at the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), the U.S. Agency

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