On the Origins of «Genocide»: What We Learn from Amnesty’s Report on Israeli Apartheid

The biggest lie perpetrated by Zionists is that Israel is somehow a response to the crime against humanity perpetrated against Jews by Nazi Germany. In fact, Israel is itself a crime that needs to be pointed out.

Israel Genocide Feature photo

JERUSALEM – With the war in Ukraine providing cover, Israel continues its unchecked violence towards the Palestinian people who live within its control. And as the world stands mesmerized and distracted by Vladimir Putin, Israel continues to perpetuate what Amnesty International called Crimes Against Humanity targeting the Palestinian

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¿Conducirá el mordaz informe sobre el apartheid de Amnistía Internacional a cambios en las prácticas criminales de Israel?

La realidad que ha presentado el informe de Amnistía abre las puertas a una campaña contra el apartheid mucho más agresiva que la que hemos visto hasta ahora.

LONDON – The Amnesty International report about Israel’s apartheid system states that, since its founding in 1948, Israel has in fact constituted a “cruel system of domination and crime against humanity.” It further states: Amnesty International has analyzed Israel’s intent to create and maintain a system of oppression and domination over

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No hay señales de que el informe de Amnistía sobre el Apartheid rompa la negación panisraelí del “problema palestino”

La actitud general adoptada por los políticos israelíes –y me atrevería a decir la gente que votó por ellos– es que el problema palestino no es su problema. Si los palestinos se portan mal, la maquinaria de guerra israelí sabrá cómo tratar con ellos.

Palestinian men walk past a section of Israel's apartheid wall to cross IDF checkpoint from Palestine on their way to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

JERUSALEM – For decades, Israel has tried to resolve the Palestinian “problem” by ignoring it completely. The heads of the Israeli parties that make up the coalition government met with their party members recently and discussed the issues on their agendas and there was not a moment spent on Palestinians. The following are examples of the

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Amnistía Internacional: El plan de Facebook dirigido a los niños es "incompatible con los derechos humanos"

El propio Facebook "plantea una de las mayores amenazas en lo que respecta a la privacidad de los niños", según la organización de derechos humanos.

Instagram Feature photo

SAN FRANSICO -- Facebook has let slip that it is launching an Instagram service for children under 13 years old, who are currently legally barred from using the platform. On Thursday, Instagram’s vice president of product told employees in a leaked communication that this was indeed the plan. Instagram’s boss, Adam Mosseri, confirmed the leak’s

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Amnistía Internacional: Navalny, preso de conciencia. Pero no Manning, Assange o Mandela

Amnistía Internacional tiene una larga y sórdida historia con su designación de preso de conciencia, negándola a los enemigos del gobierno de Estados Unidos y otorgándola a algunos personajes menos que agradables.

Alexei Navalny Feature photo

Russian politician Alexei Navalny remains under arrest in Russia after returning to his homeland earlier this month. The event generated worldwide headlines as the 44-year-old lawyer was immediately detained at a Moscow airport, with Western figures hailing his bravery. "Navalny’s heroic struggle is no different from what Gandhi, King, Mandela and

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"Una desgracia:" Amnistía Internacional bloqueada en el juicio de seguimiento de Julian Assange

El director de Amnistía Internacional para Europa describió las audiencias contra Assange como un "asalto al derecho a la libertad de expresión", que tendría un "efecto paralizador en la libertad de los medios de comunicación".

Julian Assange Feature photo

The high profile extradition hearing of publisher and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange continued in Central London today. But it did so without oversight from international human rights groups. Julia Hall, an expert on criminal justice and human rights for Amnesty International, revealed that her organization was again denied entry to the court

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