Venezuela’s Foreign Minister on ‘Failed’ US-Backed Coup and the New Non-Aligned Movement

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza sits down with Anya Parampil to discuss efforts to reaffirm international support for the concept of state sovereignty amid the Trump Administration’s effort to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. 

Jorge Arreaza | Venezuela

 CARACAS (This article was produced as part of a MintPress News and The Grayzone collaboration) -- Just hours after returning from meetings at the United Nations in New York, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza sat down for a one on one interview with the GrayZone Project's Anya Parampil. The two discussed Arreaza’s effort to reaffirm

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Choosing Journalism over Cheerleading War: An Interview with RT America’s Anya Parampil

“As soon as I started looking closely at the inner workings of American foreign policy, I was forced to conclude my approach to producing and consuming news would never be welcome in the mainstream press.” — Anya Parampil

Anya Parampil | RT America

WASHINGTON -- When Anya Parampil was attending George Washington University and saw her peers trickle into the university’s well-entrenched State Department pipeline, she knew that the path most commonly walked by her peers wasn’t for her. Eventually, life led her away from a career in international diplomacy toward one in journalism, but not

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