Are Bitcoins The Future Of Anonymous Campaign Donations?

As its security is called into question, the Bitcoin may yet prove to serve some game-changing functions.

This article is the final installment of a four-part series on the viability and the future of the Bitcoin. Previous installments can be found here, here and here. As the conversation on Bitcoins -- the controversial cryptocurrency that has been the center of a number of federal government seizures -- continues, the realities of this curiosity

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Why Does The US Government Feel Threatened By Bitcoins?

The unregulated cryptocurrency is the antithesis to how the government prefers to handle monetary policy.

This article is the third part of a four-part series on the viability and future of the Bitcoins. The FBI seizure of Silk Road and the arrest of its operator, Ross William Ulbricht, presented a conundrum the U.S. Department of Justice has never had to deal with before. Initially, the FBI seized over 26,000 Bitcoins from Silk Road, with plans to

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Did The Bitcoin Compromise Silk Road Users’ Anonymity?

Last week’s arrest of the alleged ringleader of the illicit marketplace raises doubts about the digital currency’s viability.

This article is the second in a four-part series on the viability and future of Bitcoins. After Wednesday’s arrest of Ross William Ulbricht -- the so-called “Dread Pirate Roberts” -- and seizure of his Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace, the future of the Bitcoin became a question of great concern. Due to the assumption of anonymity that comes with

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