Investigation Prompts Emergency Rescue Of 300 Plus Slaves

The Burmese men were among hundreds of migrant workers revealed in an Associated Press investigation to have been lured or tricked into leaving their countries and forced into catching fish for consumers around the world, including the United States.

A security guard talks to detainees inside a cell at the compound of a fishing company in Benjina, Indonesia. The imprisoned men were considered slaves who might run away. They said they lived on a few bites of rice and curry a day in a space barely big enough to lie down, stuck until the next trawler forces them back to sea. BENJINA,

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In ‘Deadliest Time Ever’ For Journalists, Local Reporters Face Greatest Danger: Report

From Iraq to Syria to Gaza, domestic reporters, whose names may never be known to the world, face highest death rate, Committee to Protect Journalists report reveals.

The killing of international journalists reporting in war and conflict zones horrified the world and seized the media spotlight this year. A report released Tuesday by the Committee to Protect Journalists finds that 2014 has, indeed, been an "unusually" dangerous time for international journalists. However, it is local journalists—whose names

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The International Community And The ‘New Burmese Apartheid’

Muslims are suffering at the hands of Myanmar’s government, which is now planning an awful new program.

YANGON, Myanmar — Myanmar's foreign minister Wunna Maung Lwin took to the podium at the United Nations building in New York late last month and told the international community that “all major concerns related to human rights” in the former police state had “been addressed to a larger extent.” Given the government's efforts in this field, he

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The Thai Junta Is Targeting Myanmar Migrants

“They told us by the loudspeaker that they were going to all the homes and we have to stand outside with our papers,” said the 24-year-old migrant worker from Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma.

United States Human Trafficking

CHIANG MAI, Thailand — Naw remembers the night of the raid very clearly. In the early hours of June 11, the residents of his neighborhood here in this northern Thai city were abruptly awoken by a police officer’s stern voice. “They told us by the loudspeaker that they were going to all the homes and we have to stand outside with our papers,”

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Myanmar’s Army Still Abducts Civilians And Forces Them To Act As Human Shields

The United Nations estimates that recent fighting has forced at least 2,700 people to flee their homes, with hundreds heading across the border to nearby China.

Myanmar Poppy Eradication

NAMHKAM, Northern Myanmar — In mid-April, government soldiers ransacked the home of Mr. Gam, here in northern Myanmar’s Kachin State. Then, the 55-year-old farmer says, they forced him and five other civilians to guide a battalion to a mountain outpost belonging to their enemy: an ethnic guerrilla force known as the Kachin Independence Army

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Optimism Suffers Setback In Myanmar But Believers In Democracy Press On

«The generals are expert at delay. For 24 years they promised to move toward democracy…We cannot allow them to stall now. Without pressure, they will. «

CHICAGO — For the past 18 months, the US Government and the American people have been buoyed by optimism about Myanmar. And, as a scholar of social justice leadership and the work of Aung San Suu Kyi, the beloved voice of Burma’s freedom movement, so have I. The other week, that changed. But I still see hope, somehow. Hope against odds has

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