Un voto de la ONU expuso el apoyo ciego e incondicional de Canadá a Israel

Si bien el apoyo de Canadá a Israel es, hasta cierto punto, consistente con el pasado colonial de Canadá y la política exterior intervencionista presente, el pueblo canadiense y la comunidad internacional siguen siendo obstáculos importantes, desafiando la afinidad tóxica entre Ottawa y Tel Aviv.

Israel Canada Feature photo

The notion that ‘Canada is better’, especially when compared with US foreign policy, has persisted for many years. Recent events at the United Nations have, however, exposed the true nature of Canada’s global position, particularly in the matter of its blind and unconditional support for Israel. On June 17, Canada lost its second bid for the

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Dentro de la oferta de Canadá, demasiado reducida y poco estudiada, para derrocar a Maduro

Canadá ha sido un jugador importante en la organización de repetidos intentos de golpe de estado en Venezuela desde que Juan Guaido se declaró a sí mismo presidente en enero.

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OTTAWA -- Canada’s foreign policy, under the auspices of Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, is bucking the country’s long standing tradition of generally staying out of the affairs of governments to its south in Latin America. Indeed, Canada has been one of the major players orchestrating repeated coup attempts in Venezuela since Juan Guaido

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Mike Pompeo continúa su gira de cambio de régimen en Venezuela – Promete 'apretar la soga'

El relator especial de la ONU, Idriss Jazairy, criticó el uso de las sanciones para promover el cambio de régimen, mientras que el ex experto de la ONU, Alfred de Zayas, comparó las sanciones con los "asedios medievales", destinados a hacer que los países "se arrodillen".

Colombia Venezuela Pompeo

Ottawa imposed sanctions on 43 Venezuelan officials Wednesday, according to a statement by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. While the statement did not specify the names of those targeted, Freeland indicated that they were “high-ranking officials” or “governors.” “Canada is committed to supporting the peaceful restoration of

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Corporate Interests Could Underlie Canada’s Support for Venezuela Coup

Canada has a vested interest in Venezuela because of its private mining companies, notably Crystallex and Canadian multinationals are already well-entrenched in several Latin American countries.

Venezuela | Canada

OTTAWA, CANADA -- Canada’s government has now officially recognized Juan Guaidó of the “Voluntad Popular” Party as the leader of Venezuela. This support, in tandem with the EU, follows U.S. President Donald Trump’s immediate recognition of Juan Guaidó’s violent opposition party, and Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela. Canada’s foreign

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The “Lima Group” Pretence to Be an International Body Is Irresponsible and Dangerous

Analyst Nino Pagliccia examines the Lima Group’s efforts to promote regime change in Venezuela.

The press covers Peru's Foreign Minister Cayetano Aljovin statement, as she stands with other Foreign Ministers of the Lima Group after a private meeting concerning Venezuela in Lima, Peru, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018. The Lima Group met to weigh further action against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's administration after it unilaterally set the end of April as the date for elections, over the protest of the opposition. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

At this time sixty years ago Cuba had just won its revolution through a popular uprising that overthrew a dictator. Two years later in 1961 the US masterminded a false flag invasion of Cuba that failed. Later, in 1962 the Organization of American States (OAS) turned against Cuba and expelled it from the organization isolating the country until 2009

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Notorious Canadian MP and Defender of Israel’s Human Rights Abuses Ratchets up Campaign Against Venezuela in the Name of Human Rights

Canadian MP Irwin Cotler claims to be committed to ending the humanitarian crises in Venezuela, yet Cotler has devoted much of his life to defending Israeli human rights violations, including its recent killing of unarmed protesters in Gaza.

Former Canadian justice minister Irwin Cotler speaks to the media during a press conference in Jerusalem in 2009 where he announced a campaign for action against Iran. Dan Balilty | AP

Requesting the International Criminal Court to investigate Venezuela’s government is a significant escalation in Ottawa’s campaign of interference in the domestic affairs of another country. Supported by five like-minded South American nations, it’s the first time a member state has been brought before the ICC’s chief prosecutor by other

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