The US Govt’s Obsession with – and Lies about Nicaragua

The US govt. has spent millions of dollars through NED, US AID, NGOs, etc., at least since 2014, getting ready for the overthrow of a progressive government, primarily because it IS progressive compared to the other Central American governments.


The intense focus on the “ills” of Nicaragua completely misses the deep issues of continued US intervention – imperial neocolonialism – into the sovereign lives of other countries, as here with Nicaragua. Whether you love or hate Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, their personalities and personal lives are not the issue, whatsoever. For us

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La administración de Trump muestra colores verdaderos en la frontera sur, y los solicitantes de asilo se llenan de lágrimas

Trump defendió rápidamente el uso de gases lacrimógenos y la fuerza agresiva por parte de las tropas. "Aquí está la conclusión: nadie va a entrar a nuestro país a menos que venga legalmente", dijo Trump, aparentemente ignorando el hecho de que para solicitar asilo una persona debe estar presente en suelo estadounidense.

Central America Migrant Caravan

TIJUANA, MEXICO -- Mimicking Israel’s tools of repression, United States troops deployed along the U.S.-Mexico border used aggressive force against thousands of unarmed migrants seeking asylum from U.S.-stoked violence in their home countries. This appears to be only the beginning, as thousands of more migrants are on the way while Pentagon

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MPN on the Ground: Global Migrants Converge on Mexico City to Assist Central American Migrant Caravan

MintPress News reports from the migrant caravan in Mexico City and met with members of the International Migrants Alliance, who gathered under the slogan: “Migrants, refugees and peoples of the world unite and fight capitalist exploitation, plunder and war!”

Central America Migrant Caravan

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – Over the past week, Mexico’s sprawling capital has been transformed into the flashpoint of a global humanitarian crisis of forced migration that is rearing its head in all parts of the globe. The crisis, whose latest focal point is the migrant caravan from Honduras, as well as smaller caravans from Guatemala and El

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Journalists Dismiss “Completely Ridiculous” Claims by Mike Pence that Venezuela is funding the Migrant Caravan

On-the-ground journalists have classed the accusations as “completely ridiculous” and a lie, showing that the migrants “don’t have a dollar to even pay for a bottle of water.”

Central America Migrant Caravan

Journalists have joined Venezuela officials in ridiculing allegations made on Tuesday by US Vice President Mike Pence that Venezuela is financing the migrant caravan traversing Central America en route to the Mexican-US border. Pence, in an interview with the Washington Post, claimed that US-allied Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez had

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US Wants Nicaragua to Fall Because It Poses the Threat of a Good Example

The US has targeted Nicaragua for regime change because Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista party show what truly progressive politics can accomplish.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega arrives to the Juan Pablo II plaza to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution, in Managua, Nicaragua, July 19, 2018. Nicaragua marked anniversary of the 1979 revolution against dictator Anastasio Somoza, despite an ongoing political crisis that has seen hundreds killed. Alfredo Zuniga | AP

The US has targeted Nicaragua for regime change. Some former supporters of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista party echo the US talking points: Ortega’s “entire government has been, in essence, neoliberal. Then it becomes authoritarian, repressive.” One would think that a neoliberal regime, especially if it were authoritarian

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US Accuses China of Seeking to Build a “Military Base” in El Salvador Commercial Port

Claims of Chinese military activity in Central America should be taken with a grain of salt, at the very least, given the right-wing political forces and pro-U.S. business circles that are levying the accusations.

An aerial image of the Port of La Union in El Salvador. Photo | Public Domain

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR -- El Salvador has suddenly become a focal point of growing “concern” to the U.S. government about China’s presence in Central America and alleged attempts to establish a military presence in the region. Concerns over Chinese activities in the region were stirred up when U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Jean Manes warned

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