Joe Biden lanza una campaña con la condena de Charlottesville luego de apoyar a los neonazis en Ucrania

Mientras trabajan detrás de escena para dar forma al gobierno ucraniano posterior a Maidan a su gusto, los corredores de poder en Washington, incluido Biden, han hecho todo lo posible por restar importancia al papel de los EE. UU.

Ukraine | Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden launched his candidacy for the American presidency on Thursday morning with the release of his first campaign video, ‘’America Is An Idea.’ The first word from the candidate’s mouth -- “Charlottesville,” a town now synonymous with neo-Nazi hate in the U.S. -- is the overwhelming focus of the ad, which attacks Trump

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From Greensboro 1979 to Charlottesville 2017: Police Absent In Face Of White Supremacist Violence

A comprehensive, 219-page independent review led by a former U.S. Attorney concluded that law enforcement had “failed to ‘stand up’ to protect human life” during the August “Unite the Right” rally held at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

White nationalist demonstrators use shields as they guard the entrance to Lee Park in Charlottesville, Va., Aug. 12, 2017. (AP/Steve Helber)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA – Some among Virginia’s highest levels of law enforcement have stepped down this year amid a small cloud of controversy. Col. W. Steven Flaherty, superintendent of the Virginia State Police,  announced his retirement December 19 after 42 years with the agency. Charlottesville Police Chief of two years, Al Thomas, announced

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Charlottesville Police Were Warned Of Impending Violence Night Before Heather Heyer’s Death

University of Virginia professor Walt Heinecke emailed Charlottesville police chief describing violent confrontations that occurred as a result of “no police intervention” on the first day of the rally, he warned, “If this is a sign of things to come, the White supremacists will be violent tomorrow.”

White Supremacist Chaos in Charlottesville Is Just the Beginning

A University of Virginia professor warned Charlottesville police of impending violence on the night before Heather Heyer’s death at the “Unite the Right” rally, according to documents obtained by Shadowproof under a Freedom of Information Act request. The documents include emails sent and received by the Charlottesville mayor, sheriff, and

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Emails Show Police Downplayed Threat Of Far-Right Groups In Charlottesville

Emails obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request show that UVA police were made aware of the impending threat of far-right groups, but downplayed the potential for violence, even turning down offers of assistance from other departments.

State Police in riot gear guard Lee Park after a white nationalist demonstration was declared illegal and the park was cleared in Charlottesville, Va., Aug. 12, 2017. (AP/Steve Helber)

Shadowproof has obtained all emails sent from the University of Virginia’s (UVA) police chief during the “Unite the Right” rally under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The emails are dated August 11 and 12, and reveal UVA police chief Michael Gibson’s internal handling of the march that resulted in the death of counterprotester

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Cómo 'Antifa' refleja la 'Alt-Derecha'

Los dos grupos opuestos, compuestos en gran parte por personas que han sido dejadas de lado por la crueldad del capitalismo corporativo, han abrazado la guerra santa. Sus vidas, golpeadas por la miseria económica y la marginación social, de repente se han llenado de significado. Se mantienen a sí mismos como la vanguardia de los oprimidos. Se arrogan el derecho a usar la fuerza para silenciar a quienes definen como enemigos. Santifican la ira. Están infectados por la oscura necesidad de confrontación impulsada por la adrenalina que surge entre los marginados cuando una democracia deja de funcionar.

An anti-fascist demonstrator jumps over a barricade during a free speech rally Aug. 27 in Berkeley, Calif. (AP Photo)

Behind the rhetoric of the “alt-right” about white nativism and protecting American traditions, history and Christian values is the lust for violence. Behind the rhetoric of antifa, the Black Bloc and the so-called “alt-left” about capitalism, racism, state repression and corporate power is the same lust for violence. The two opposing groups,

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Racist Organization Receives Bonanza Of “Anti-Racism” Donations

The ADL has been in the forefront of supporting Israel. It has also used its $57 million budget to smear those who support fairness, justice, and equality for Palestinians.

Lebanon Palestine Israel

(Opinion) In the wake of Charlottesville, numerous Americans have come forward to oppose racism in a variety of ways. In some cases, this took the form of donations. As a result, some allegedly anti-racist organizations have seen a financial bonanza. The main one seems to be the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which saw a 1,000% spike in

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