How Big Tobacco Has Made Cigarettes So Much Deadlier Than They Used To Be

«The cigarettes sold today are quite different from the cigarettes that were on the market five decades ago, according to the new report, and that’s because tobacco companies have done extensive research to figure out how to make smoking appealing for new customers. «

Fifty years ago, the U.S. surgeon general tied tobacco to lung cancer for the first time. Since then, additional scientific research has linked smoking with a host of other health issues, and efforts to publicize those harmful side effects helped spur a historic decline in the number of Americans who regularly smoke. Nonetheless, more than 42

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NYC Moves To A Mandatory Under-21 Smoking Ban

Mini-cigars and flavored tobacco are holding up youth tobacco use. Can New York’s 21-and-under smoking ban stop it?

During the course of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 12-year-tenure in office, he oversaw a litany of social health reforms to the nation’s largest city — including the banning of trans fats in restaurants, regulation of tanning salons, the requirement that calories must be posted on menus and the failed attempt to ban store-bought soft

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