The NYT Erroneous Reporting On The ‘Coming Coal Boom’

A run through of some of the claims in that New York Time story, and a summary what’s actually happening.

A man walks past a coal-powered steel plant in Tianjin, China. (AP/Andy Wong)

Earlier this week the New York Times ran a story loosely based on the Coalexit report by German group Urgewald, which seeks to identify companies most heavily involved in the coal power industry in order to get financiers to divest from them. Based on this the NYT story presented a collection of claims which suggest the world is on the cusp of a

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Corea del Sur eliminará gradualmente todo el carbón y la energía nuclear

El paso marca el primer gran compromiso internacional nuevo lejos del carbón desde que Trump anunció su decisión de retirarse del acuerdo climático de París para limitar las emisiones globales.

A man watches the Seoul skyline covered with a thick haze at Seoul Tower's observation deck in Seoul, South Korea. ( AP/Ahn Young-joon)

The new President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in has committed his country to phasing out all coal and nuclear power stations suggesting a major change in energy policy for the Asian state. The step marks the first major new international commitment away from coal since Trump announced his decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement to

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Australia’s Coal Export Industry Is Threatening The Climate Crisis

According to a new report, Australia’s ambitious coal export plans threaten to overwhelm any emissions gains made as part of the Paris climate agreement.

An open cut coal mine in the Hunter Valley area of New South Wales, Australia. (Photo: Max Phillips/Jeremy Buckingham MLC)

Australia is powering a global surge in an especially polluting type of steel production, and exporting a massive amount of greenhouse gases — 88% as much as it produces domestically. According to a new report from Greenpeace Australia Pacific, the government’s ambitious coal export plans threaten to overwhelm any emissions gains made as part of

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UK’s Coalition Government Is Finally Kicking Coal To The Curb

The UK’s electricity mix looks very different today than it did seven years ago, when the Conservatives first entered a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Contractors work on Europe's biggest floating solar panel array on the Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir near Walton-on-Thames in south west London, Monday, March 21, 2016. (AP/Matt Dunham)

Wind, solar and energy efficiency have replaced the vast majority of power previously provided by the UK’s coal fleet, a new analysis shows. Since the start of the coalition government in 2010, coal’s role in the generation mix has fallen to historic lows, culminating in the country’s first coal-free day since the 19th century earlier this

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China Suspends Majority Of New Coal Power Permits

The moves as China’s coal consumption has fallen for the third year running.

A man walks past a coal-powered steel plant in Tianjin, China. (AP/Andy Wong)

The Chinese government has ordered the vast majority of its provinces to stop permitting new coal power projects. According to a statement from the National Energy Administration (NEA), 28 of China’s 31 mainland provinces do not currently have the right financial or environmental conditions to greenlight new coal capacity. This represents an

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China’s CO2 Emissions From Coal-To-Chemical Industry Set To Soar

China has 46 coal-to-chemical plants in operation, and another 22 under construction — which are projected to add a combined 193 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year once completed.

A Chinese boy cycles past a cooling towers of a coal-fired power plant in Dadong, Shanxi province, China.

China’s coal-to-chemical industry could produce CO2 emissions in excess of 400 million tons a year by the end of the decade — a more than fourfold increase from the 90 million emitted in 2015. Coal-to-chemical projects, which convert coal to other chemical properties, including oil and gas, are extremely carbon intensive, accounting for roughly

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