Internet Watchdog Exposes Israeli Tech Company’s ‘Government-Exclusive’ Spyware

Israel’s advanced military technology sector is producing scores of hackers and tech startups. One, in particular, is helping governments and nanny states with deep pockets creep into citizens’ cellphones.

Omri Lavie, co-founder of NSO Group, which is behind the recently discovered exploitation of iPhones with its Pegasus malware.

SEATTLE --- After investigating some suspicious text messages sent to an Emirati human rights activist in early August, researchers at the University of Toronto’s internet watchdog Citizen Lab and Lookout Security announced on Aug. 24 that they’d detected the most sophisticated mobile hacking tool ever developed. The spyware, known as Pegasus,

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EU-US Personal Data Privacy Deal ‘Cracked Beyond Repair’

A leading European consumer group said that the EU-US deal over the use of personal data on US servers – known as Privacy Shield and which was signed Tuesday (July 12) – is «cracked beyond repair.»

NSA Surveillance

Privacy Shield is the proposed new deal between the EU and the US that is supposed to safeguard all personal data on EU citizens held on computer systems in the US from being subject to mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency. The data can refer to any transaction — web purchases, cars or clothing — involving an EU citizen whose data

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Cyber-Security Firm: NSA-Linked Spyware Found In Hard Drives Worldwide

Researchers with Kaspersky Lab describe what they say is «the most advanced threat actor» they’ve seen to date.

A top technology security firm announced on Monday that they have uncovered evidence that sophisticated spying software, likely linked to the National Security Agency, was implanted in the hard drives of personal computers across the globe. Researchers with the Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab introduced their findings while presenting at the

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Outgoing NSA Chief Confident Of ‘Reporter-Gag’ Legislation On Fed Leaks

Keith Alexander also criticized the media in the process of suggesting Congressional legislation to make it a crime to report on leaked government information was in the works.

Keith Alexander, Peter King

Still facing the fallout from Edward Snowden’s revelations about the workings of the National Security Agency, Army Gen. Keith Alexander, outgoing director of the NSA, is using the time he has left in his tenure to rein in the U.S. media. While speaking at a cybersecurity panel last week, Alexander said legislation that would make it a crime to

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‘Pandora’s Box,’ Opened: Politicians, Analysts Alike Unnerved By NSA Surveillance

Not so long ago, the notion that the federal government spies on Americans was enough to have someone dismissed as a conspiracy nut.

Not so long ago, the notion that the federal government spies on Americans was enough to have someone dismissed as a conspiracy nut. For most Americans, such a concept was bizarre, far-reaching and implausible -- as it would suggest that the government willingly would act outside of the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment’s protection against

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