El nuevo terrorista doméstico: la guerra del gobierno contra los crímenes de pensamiento y los que dicen la verdad

Esta última salva del gobierno contra los consumidores y los propagadores de "información errónea y errónea" amplía la red para incluir potencialmente a cualquiera que esté expuesto a ideas que van en contra de la narrativa oficial del gobierno.

domestic terrorism

The U.S. government, which speaks in a language of force, is afraid of its citizenry. What we are dealing with is a government so power-hungry, paranoid and afraid of losing its stranglehold on power that it is conspiring to wage war on anyone who dares to challenge its authority. All of us are in danger. In recent years, the government

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A raíz de los disturbios: el retroceso de la derrota de Trump fue criminalizar la disidencia

A medida que madura la crisis de legitimidad del Estado neoliberal, se perfeccionan las leyes antiterroristas y el aparato institucional de represión fascista para utilizarlos contra futuras insurgencias.

Capitol Riots Blowback Feature photo

The Capitol building riot of January 6 marked the messiest transition in the recent history of ruling class power from one chief executive of the capitalist world to the next. If that history is any guide, the change of guard neither portends better treatment of working people nor a reduction of the threat of fascism. Trump may have been booted

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A Badge of Shame: The Government’s War on America’s Military Veterans

The government’s efforts to wage war on veterans, especially those who speak out against government wrongdoing, is downright appalling.

Veterans Day New York

Not all heroes wear the uniform of war. In the United States, however, we take particular pride in recognizing as heroes those who have served in the military. Yet while we honor our veterans with holidays, parades, discounts at retail stores and restaurants, and endless political rhetoric about their sacrifice and bravery, we do a pitiful job

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The Impact of America’s Wars on Freedoms and Democracy at Home

While America has gone a century and a half without being “war-torn” in the conventional sense, the damage of war is not limited to that inflicted by guns and bombs.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence greet military personnel during a visit to the Pentagon, July 20, 2017. (AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

MINNEAPOLIS – Despite concern that the United States will soon find itself in a major war that could have global consequences, many Americans are uninterested in that eventuality as shown by the minimal attention major geopolitical events, like the recent bombing of Syria or the 17-year-long occupation of Afghanistan, receive compared to the

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Something For Everyone: Mueller Indictment a Boon for Partisan Status Quo

The bipartisan support Mueller’s appointment received is even more telling given that he is the definition of a Washington insider. The power elites across the political spectrum seemed to trust him to, above all, protect their position at the head of the table.

A Facebook posting for a group called "Being Patriotic." A federal grand jury indictment alleges 13 Russians ran an elaborate plot to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election beginning in June 2016, defendants allegedly organized and coordinated political rallies in the U.S. "Being Patriotic" promoted and organized two political rallies in New York according to the indictment. (AP/Jon Elswick)

WASHINGTON – Last Friday, depending on which side of the partisan divide one was watching from, President Trump was either vindicated or his treachery was confirmed. The impetus for these seemingly disparate reactions was Robert Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russian nationals, the latest and largest indictment to result from his investigation

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How Russia-Gate Transformed from Taking down Trump to Stifling Dissent

The Russia-gate hysteria has spread beyond simply a strategy for neutralizing Donald Trump or even removing him from office into an excuse for stifling U.S. dissent that challenges the New Cold War.

Traditional Russian Matreskas depicting Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump displayed in a shop in Moscow. Nov. 8, 2016. (AP/Pavel Golovkin)

Opinion -- At the end of October, I wrote an article for Consortiumnews about the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign paying for unvetted opposition research that became the basis for much of the disputed story about Russia allegedly interfering in the 2016 presidential election on the orders of Russian President Vladimir

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