México volverá a trazar la relación de la guerra contra las drogas con Estados Unidos después del arresto del general mexicano

Estados Unidos no advirtió a México sobre el arresto inminente de uno de sus principales generales luego de que el fiscal general Bill Barr no le proporcionó información al gobierno mexicano sobre los cárteles de la droga estadounidenses.

The arrest of Mexican General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda at LAX in October was the culmination of a secret operation carried out by the U.S. Justice Department and the DEA. The operation was not disclosed to the Mexican government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) before his general's capture. In one of his daily morning addresses after the

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¿La nueva designación del terrorismo del cártel de drogas de Trump enmascara una agenda más siniestra?

Todos en América Latina saben lo que les sucede a los jefes de estado izquierdistas que desafían el poder de las élites locales y del gobierno de los Estados Unidos.

Mexio Terrorism Feature photo

President Donald Trump announced that he will designate Mexican drug cartels as “terrorists”, paving the way for a potentially massive increase in American military involvement directly south of its border. “They will be designated,” Trump told ex-Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly during an interview, revealing that he asked the Mexican government for

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A medida que aumentan las bajas de la guerra contra las drogas, los mexicanos salen a las calles exigiendo respuestas

Los mexicanos no están simplemente de luto por los muertos y desaparecidos; cada vez más, se están movilizando y tomando las calles para expresar tanto su descontento como sus demandas de rendición de cuentas.

A woman holds an image of her husband who was detained and assassinated by the state during Mexico's dirty war against leftist social activists in the 1970's, the image reads 'As long as I'm alive, you will never be dead', Mexico City, May 10, 2018. (Photo: José Luis Granados Ceja)

MEXICO CITY -- Three film students in southwest Mexico go out to film a homework assignment; they are kidnapped and killed, their bodies dissolved in acid. Two tourists – one German, one Polish– are traveling through southern Mexico on their bicycles; pathologists say one man was beaten and the other shot in the head execution-style, their

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Oakland Requires Half Of Legal Pot Permits Go To Those Arrested For Marijuana Offenses

Even though Oakland’s foray into drug war reparations could amount to overreach, it is a symbol of the dramatic turnaround that has taken root with respect to the war on drugs.

A marijuana bud is seen at a medical marijuana facility in Unity, Maine. A new study suggests that cannabis could help ease the deadly opioid epidemic in the United States. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

Oakland, CA – Oakland is beginning an experiment that can be considered both laudable and questionable. As cannabis businesses are set to spring up across the city, following California’s legalization of recreational cannabis, Oakland is providing reparations to victims of the drug war. They’re not doling out money, though. They’ll be doing it

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Judge Slams ‘Incompetent’ Police Following Raid On Family’s Tomato Garden

A Federal judge declared raid on a family’s tomato garden was an «unjustified government intrusion based on nothing more than junk science.»

Bob Harte displays the indoor garden his family cultivates. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Wichita, KS – In a “huge and significant victory for the Fourth Amendment,” the federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated a lawsuit brought by a Kansas City couple who endured a SWAT raid over their tomato plants. Robert and Adlynn Harte — and their two young children — were caught up in a county-wide sweep of suspected cannabis growers, in

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Latin America Calls For New Anti-Drug Strategies At The UN

According to the U.N., despite the resources devoted to the war on drugs, drug production continues to grow while drug users have increased by about 20 percent in the last decade to almost 250 million people.

An addict prepares shoot up heroin after receiving a kit including a spoon, a rubber tube, cotton, sterilized water and clean syringes distributed by a program sponsored by the Open Society Foundation and government agencies in Dosquebradas, Colombia. (AP/Fernando Vergara)

Several Latin American countries have called on the United Nations to strengthen its anti-drug strategies by focusing on prevention and treatment rather than the long-standing militarized approach. Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay, among others, proposed this change in strategy at the U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs on Monday.

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