Police Across America Celebrate Freedom On 4th Of July With Forced Blood Draw Checkpoints

Checkpoints are a gross violation of privacy and other natural born rights. Free people should not be stopped and searched or questioned in any way if they are attempting to travel freely.

The operate a checkpoint for vehicles entering Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec. 26, 2009.

Happy 4th of July, the day where Americans celebrate imaginary freedom, and police departments nationwide make millions of dollars violating the rights of nonviolent individuals. Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that police can’t forcibly draw blood from individuals suspected of drunken driving without a warrant. However, DUI checkpoints

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More than 100 People Cleared of DUI After a Single Cop Was Exposed as Colassal Liar

In one of the incidents, which took place on August 2, 2014 Davis brought a woman to the Wake Forest Police Department for testing after he stopped her on suspicion of DWI. Without allowing her the full 30 minutes to contact a witness, Davis recorded that she hadn’t requested one. When the woman asked questions about the test, the deputy simply claimed she had refused to take it — and filed that refusal with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

  TFTP -- More than 100 DWI cases had to be dismissed in Raleigh, North Carolina, after it was determined a sheriff’s deputy lied on the stand. Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman dismissed all the cases after now-ex deputy, Robert Davis was deemed incompetent to testify by District Court Judge Jacqueline Brewer. Because Davis

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VIDEO: Senator With DUI Says 1891 Rule Should Make Him ‘Privileged From Arrest’

Smith, a Republican senator, found himself under arrest earlier in January, which happened to be the very first day of the legislative session. That, he says, should have prevented him from ever being arrested, no matter what.

  He was busted drinking and driving, but a Kentucky state senator says that he should have his charges dismissed. Why? Because of a rule that originated from before there were even cars on the road. Senator Brandon Smith cites an 1891 rule that says state lawmakers are “privileged from arrest” during legislative

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Ohio Judge Who Held DUI Trials At High School Is Arrested For DUI

Judge Wilson hit a bus, fled the scene and chased down by a police helicopter.

Judge Dean Wilson

Perry County Judge Dean L. Wilson is well known in the Columbus area for holding drunk driving trials to New Lexington High School each year as a warning to students not to drink and drive. Wilson is now facing public criticism as he was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and, worse yet, leaving the

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Following Lawsuit Over Alleged Police Voyeurism, More Women Come Forward

Dozens of Seattle-area women who had been booked for DUI charges are claiming they were inappropriately forced to strip for jailers.

Citing an invasion of their privacy, 12 plaintiffs -- 11 women, one man -- filed a lawsuit against a police department in a Seattle suburb in August after they were filmed while undressing and using the toilet after they were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). Since the original lawsuit was filed against the Puyallup

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