Sensibilización sobre los crímenes de guerra israelíes, con la acción de Palestina

“No estamos infringiendo la ley; lo que estamos haciendo en realidad tiene sus raíces en la ley; es un acto lícito hacer algo para prevenir el crimen mayor: actuar para salvar vidas ”. – Huda Ammori, Acción Palestina

 Earlier this week, rapper Lowkey joined campaigners on the streets of Oldham as they protested at the Elbit Ferranti weapons factory located in the northern English town. While the post-industrial town of 96,000 people might not seem like a likely flashpoint for the Israel-Palestine conflict, many of the weapons used against the civilian

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PalAction: Cerrar el comercio de armas británico a Israel

Palestine Action ha sido noticia por su enérgico compromiso de cerrar el comercio de armas entre Israel y el Reino Unido, tratando de hacer con acción directa lo que las organizaciones pacifistas han estado pidiendo durante mucho tiempo.

Huda Ammori and Richard Barnard, the co-founders of Palestine Action

Despite the official ceasefire, Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem continues to be a flashpoint of violence. Last week, Israeli forces fired stun grenades and sprayed skunk water on worshippers and protesters gathering near the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. Evidently, new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is willing to be as aggressive and

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Israel to Police European Coastlines – Protecting the Continent from Refugees?

Israel will patrol the Mediterranean Sea and Europe’s Coastlines with drones and inform Europe’s authorities of ‘irregularities’, of refugee ships

Israel Navy

This sounds like a bad joke. It ain’t. Its real. One fascist government helps another fascist government. Yes, I have written about fascism invading the west before – warning that the European Union (non-union) is being gradually, but ever faster turned into a fascist dictatorship under the guise of democratic protection of ‘Democracy’; and this by

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10 Arrested After Protestors Shut Down Israeli Weapons Factories In The UK

Protestors say the companies manufacture weapons and parts for export to Israel that are used by Israel to target and massacre civilians in Gaza.

Protest at Israeli arms factory

On Monday July 6th, Palestinians and their supporters around the world marked the one year invasion of the Israeli attack on Gaza that ended up lasting fifty one days and costing close to twenty five hundred Palestinian lives. In Britain today, hundreds of activists held protests and occupied three different weapon factories located on british

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Luxembourg Pension Fund Pulls Out Of Israeli Banks

Joining other European companies and following a recent Dutch pension fund pullout, Luxembourg thinks twice about their investments in Israel, emboldening BDS movement.

Shimon Peres, Angela Merkel

The Luxembourg government’s general pension fund body has decided to boycott five major Israeli banks, as well as a number of Israeli private investment firms, over ongoing construction in illegal settlements in the West Bank. The banks and companies targeted by the boycott are involved in the continuing development on Palestinian land considered

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