Los humos ilegales de British American Tobacco queman la búsqueda de la autodeterminación de Mali

Un informe de investigación reciente revela el alcance de una operación de contrabando ilegal de cigarrillos en Mali por parte de las grandes tabacaleras que está ayudando a mantener viables los intereses europeos y estadounidenses en África Occidental.

Mali illicit tobacco

Shortly after separatist militant groups took northern Mali in 2012, British American Tobacco (BAT) began flooding the West African nation with unbranded packs of cigarettes aided by another large tobacco company and the French-backed Malian state. The smuggled smokes arrive through ports in neighboring Guinea, Togo, and Benin from where they are

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Killing of Green Beret Illuminates Dark Side of Famed Navy SEAL Team Six

Sergeant Melgar’s death is just the latest confirmation that the most celebrated and mysterious group of the U.S. military continues to function with minimal oversight and accountability — producing a climate in which even other members of the U.S. military are not safe.

U.S. Navy SEALs pose for a photo. (Photo: DoD/Martine Cuaron)

After several months of investigation into the strangling of U.S. Army Green Beret Logan Melgar, the accounts of those at the center of the homicide investigation – two members of the famed Navy SEAL Team Six – have unraveled. The killing occurred while the SEALs and Melgar were on a secret assignment in the West African nation of Mali, where they

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Air Algerie Flight MD-8 Vanishes Over N. Mali

Air navigation services lost track of the MD-83 about 50 minutes after takeoff from Ougadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, at 0155 GMT (9:55 p.m. EDT Wednesday), the official Algerian news agency APS said.


ALGIERS, Algeria — An Air Algerie flight carrying 116 people from Burkina Faso to Algeria's capital disappeared from radar early Thursday over northern Mali, the plane's owner and a French government official said. Air navigation services lost track of the MD-83 about 50 minutes after takeoff from Ougadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, at 0155

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The US’s Invasion Of Africa That Nobody Knows About

The Obama administration has been slowly – and very quietly – peppering the U.S. military throughout the continent and putting hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of government contractors to build the necessary infrastructure for a permanent U.S. military presence.

Enduring Freedom

The U.S. is assembling the rudiments of imperial infrastructure throughout Africa, and hardly anybody knows about it. Hardly anybody knows about it because the government and military refuse to divulge much of U.S. foreign policy towards Africa. You see, U.S. foreign policy is really none of our business. The Obama administration has been slowly

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Mali’s Road To Post-Conflict Peace Still Shaky (Video)

More than a year after militants were kicked out of the country’s north, French and Malian forces are still skirmishing with rebel factions. But with French forces due to wind down their mission there, can Mali’s new government hang on?

Mali Attack

Mali is seeking to restore stability and rebuild following a series of setbacks since early 2012, including a military coup d’état, renewed fighting between government forces and Tuareg rebels, and the seizure of its northern territory by radical militants linked to al-Qaida. A French-led offensive in January 2013 helped to drive out al-Qaida in

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US Looks to Expand Rapid-Reaction Force for Africa

The force, based in Spain, wants to bulk up its numbers to better respond to emergency situations on an increasingly volatile continent.

The U.S. has asked Spain if it can expand an already 500-strong Marine rapid-reaction force for Africa by a minimum of 50 percent, along with extending its presence at the current base by another year, according to a report by a Spanish newspaper on Monday. Recent events in Mali and Libya have partly motivated the move to strengthen the

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