Activistas instan al Departamento de Agricultura de EE. UU. A que niegue el nuevo y mortal combo de herbicidas transgénicos de Monsanto

Estados Unidos está considerando aprobar el producto incluso cuando Monsanto hace malabares con múltiples demandas multimillonarias de pacientes de cáncer por su mortal herbicida Roundup.

Monsanto Feature photo

The United States Department of Agriculture is currently considering approving a new Monsanto corn genetically engineered to be used with five deadly herbicides. The vast majority of soy and corn grown in the United States is Monsanto’s patented Roundup Ready product. Roundup is the trade name of glyphosate, a chemical agent widely accepted as

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Cómo GMO Seeds y el “RoundUp” de Monsanto / Bayer están impulsando la política estadounidense en Venezuela

Con el gobierno paralelo de Juan Guaidó intentando tomar el poder con el respaldo de los EE. UU., Es revelador que los principales donantes políticos de aquellos en los EE. UU. Que impulsan con más fervor el cambio de régimen en Venezuela tienen vínculos estrechos con Monsanto y grandes inversiones financieras en Bayer.

Venezuela | Farmers

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- As the political crisis in Venezuela has unfolded, much has been said about the Trump administration's clear interest in the privatization and exploitation of Venezuela's oil reserves, the largest in the world, by American oil giants like Chevron and ExxonMobil. Yet the influence of another notorious American company,

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Meet Ten Corporate Giants Helping Israel Massacre Gaza Protesters

“The Israeli military relies on a network of international companies, supplying everything from sniper rifles to tear gas, to carry out its massacres of protesters in Gaza. These companies are knowingly supporting war crimes, and are complicit in state-orchestrated murder.” — Tom Anderson, researcher for Corporate Occupation

Palestine Israel Protest

NEW YORK — As Israeli soldiers gun down unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in the Great March of Return, their lethal operations depend on an array of contractors and suppliers, many of them companies based outside Israel. “The Israeli military relies on a network of international companies, supplying everything from sniper rifles to tear gas, to

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New Study Finds a Popular Chemical is Harming Honey Bees

As a new study finds that an ingredient in Monsanto’s popular herbicide is harming honey bees the corporation is seeking to have a recent $289 million jury award thrown out of court.

A honey bee at a hive entrance fanning, colony collapse disorder is causing alarm over the security of the world's food supply.

A newly published study from researchers at the University of Texas at Austin points to the popular chemical glyphosate as a culprit for harming special gut bacteria in honey bees. The study, “Glyphosate perturbs the gut microbiota of honey bees”, was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and points to exposure to

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As Monsanto Faces Over 8,000 Glyphosate Lawsuits, Vietnam Seeks Damages for Agent Orange

“The verdict serves as a legal precedent which refutes previous claims that the herbicides made by Monsanto and other chemical corporations in the U.S. and provided for the U.S. army in the war are harmless.” — Vietnamese Foreign Ministry

us war crimes

HANOI, VIETNAM -- After a landmark court case in California held Monsanto liable for the carcinogenic effects of its best-selling herbicide, glyphosate, things have only been getting worse for the corporate giant and its new parent company, Bayer. Indeed, the $289 million court verdict has unleashed a slew of other related lawsuits related to

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Paul Craig Roberts: Is Capitalism Killing Us?

When we get right down to it, all of the profits that capitalism has generated over the centuries are probably due to capitalists not having to cover the full cost of their production, costs passed on to the environment and to third parties and pocketed the savings as profit.

A worker is dressed in a costume representing the world's capitalism during a May Day rally in Jakarta, Indonesia, May 1, 2017. Thousands of workers attended the rally urging the government to raise minimum wages, ban outsourcing practices, provide free health care and improve working condition for workers in the country. Dita Alangkara | AP

Ecological economists, such as Herman E. Daly, stress that as the external costs of pollution and resource exhaustion are not included in Gross Domestic Product, we do not know whether an increase in GDP is a gain or a loss. External costs are huge and growing larger. Historically, manufacturing and industrial corporations, corporate farming,

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