US-Born NASA Scientist Detained At Border, Forced To Unlock Phone

A U.S.-born NASA scientist was detained by border patrol until he agreed to provide a PIN number for an officer to search his phone.

Despite being a NASA scientist and enrolled in the Global Entry program, Siid Bikkannavar was detained, questioned and had his phone searched prior to being granted re-entry into the U.S. (Photo: YouTube)

(ANALYSIS) --- Sidd Bikkannavar should not have raised any red flags with Customs and Border Patrol, much less should the U.S.-born scientist with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab have been forced to fork over phone and social media passwords in order to return to the country after a trip to Chile. But thanks to an abrupt, uncoordinated, and

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Trump’s Team Continues To Dismantle The EPA

The mood is dark as Trump takes over the environmental agency he pledged to reduce to “little tidbits.”

In this Jan. 4, 2017, file photo, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator-designate Scott Pruitt answer a reporter's question during his meeting with Sen. Shelley Moore Capitol, R-W.Va., on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP/Cliff Owen)

(REPORT) --- President Donald Trump long ago announced his provocative intentions for the Environmental Protection Agency, pledging during the campaign to get rid of the agency "in almost every form," with only "little tidbits left." So far, Trump's remodeling efforts have been both dramatic (nominating Oklahoma attorney general and fossil-fuel

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AnonSec Attempts To Down $222m Drone, Releases Secret Flight Videos And Employee Data

The AnonSec group previously gained fame after claiming to have hacked an NSA drone in 2014, and is known to have hacked Israeli, Indonesian and Turkish government and commerce websites for a variety of political reasons.

Nasa's Global Hawk drone (Photo: NASA)

Hackers from the AnonSec group who spent several months hacking Nasa have released a huge data dump and revealed they tried to bring down a $222m Global Hawk Drone into the Pacific Ocean. The hack included employee personal details, flight logs and video footage collected from unmanned and manned aircraft. The 250GB data dump contained the

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Free Love: Internet Community Rallies In Support of Hacktivist Lauri Love

A British Internet activist who had avoided being extradited to the United States on charges of alleged hacking offences is facing a fresh battle against extradition.

Lauri Love is accused of stealing US government computer files

Lauri Love, 30, of Stradishall in Suffolk is accused of hacking into agencies including the US Army, NASA, the US Federal Reserve and the Environmental Protection Agency. He was first arrested in 2013 on an arrest warrant from the US but was not charged in the UK. He had computer equipment seized by British police who then released him

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NASA Administrator Gives Ted Cruz An Epic Lesson In How Science Works

Along with Republicans before him, Cruz has made the argument before that NASA should focus more on space exploration and less on issues facing our lowly planet.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, waves to the crowd at a Republican victory party Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Austin, Texas. Photo: David J. Phillip/AP Sen. Ted Cruz thinks NASA should spend less time studying the planet and more time finding ways to go out into space. Cruz (R-TX), who is chair of the Senate Space, Science, and Competitiveness

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