Latin America Returns to Washington’s Fold – and to Fascism

Latin America was for about 20 years the only western part of the world that was fully detached from the fangs of the empire. It has succumbed again to the forces of evil, to the forces of money, the forces of utter corruption and greed.

Argentina IMF Protests

Latin America is re-converting into Washington’s backyard and as a sideline is returning to fascist rule, similar but worse than the sixties seventies and eighties, which stood under the spell of the CIA-led Operation of Plan Condor. Many call the current right-wing trend Operation Condor II which is probably as close to the truth as can be. It is

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George H.W. Bush, The CIA And A Case Of State Terrorism

In a 2000 report, the CIA gave the first official admission of it’s complicity in the assassination of a Chilean diplomat, but it shed no light on the actions of George H.W. Bush, then Director of the CIA, in the days before and after the assassination.

Pres. George H. W. Bush, center, shakes hands with former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, Dec. 6, 1990, Santiago, Chile.

From the Archive: Forty years ago, a car-bomb exploded in Washington killing Chile’s ex-Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier, an act of state terrorism that the CIA and its director George H.W. Bush tried to cover up, Robert Parry reported in 2000.  (Originally published on Sept. 23, 2000)   I n early fall of 1976, after a Chilean

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