Central American Migrants Tell MintPress Why They’re On The Move

The chickens have come home to roost. U.S. foreign policy in Central America has led to rampant crime and widespread poverty, giving millions no choice but to leave their homes in search of opportunity elsewhere.

MEXICO CITY -- By the thousands they came, slowly spilling from the fleet of tour buses Tuesday afternoon like clumps of molasses, clutching babies and duffel bags, wearing baseball caps and bandanas, and chanting and cheering and raising their fists defiantly to the sky. Most of those traveling in the caravan were from Honduras; all were searching

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French Official Threatens Lawsuits Against Anyone Who Shares Images Of Police Harassing Muslim Women

“Complaints have already been filed by now in order to sue whoever issues photos of our policemen and threaten them on the social media.”

Christian Estrosi, A right-wing French official, has threatened suit against anyone who publishes images such as this, French Police forcing a women to disrobe at a Nice beach.

Responding to the international outrage over photos of French armed police forcing Muslim women to remove their clothes on a Mediterranean beach, one French official threatened Wednesday to sue whoever dares to share such photos on social media. “Photos showing police officers from the city of Nice, doing their job, are spreading on social media

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