Does the United States Really Have a ‘Strong’ Economy?

For the average American, the US economy hardly merits any kudos. Two new data dumps make that reality even plainer.

US Dollar Economy

Long-time Republican Party political strategists are having fits. If only we could get average Americans to focus in on the economy instead of The Donald, they’re telling all comers, the GOP would do just fine in the upcoming November midterm elections. Those Republican strategists should be careful what they wish for. Getting average Americans

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Rand Paul Calls War Hawk Lindsey Graham ‘A Danger to the Country’

«What you’ve seen with Lindsey Graham is a naive worldview where he believes that war is always the answer, and that also means that expenditures for war are always the answer.»

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., speaks at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, Sunday, March 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

While U.S. senators often go out of their way not to excessively disparage their colleagues in personal terms, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) took the rare step Monday of declaring fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) a "danger to the country." Paul made the comments on CNN while discussing the North Korea summit with Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation

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With Golden Opportunity in Coming Elections, Will Democrats Rediscover a Soul?

With roughly 920 days until the next presidential election, the pivotal question is whether the Democratic establishment has learned its lesson from the 2016 debacle and will turn to a Bernie Sanders-like progressive to rescue the party from ruination and stave off Trump’s second term.

Jason Kander, left, former Missouri Secretary of State, campaigns for Jon Ossoff, Democratic candidate for Georgia's 6th congressional district, right, during a stop at Ossoff's campaign office in Chamblee, Ga., Monday, June 19, 2017. The race between Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel is seen as a significant political test for the new Trump Administration. The district traditionally goes Republican, but most consider the race too close to call as voters head to the polls on Tuesday. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

WASHINGTON (Analysis) -- At first glance, Jason Kander would seem to be a political consultant’s dream -- or perhaps nightmare, if you’re a Republican. Approaching his 37th birthday, the former Missouri secretary of state is boyishly handsome, whip smart, a social-media savant, and appeals to both millenials and seniors. What’s more, he articulates

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America’s Far Right is Stumbling, But has Already Infiltrated the Mainstream

In a sense, the Republican Party has become a much more powerful instrument of white rage than the alt-right.

This Aug. 17, 2017 image from video shows a Confederate flag, right, displayed alongside an Israeli flag and a colonial-era American one in the seventh-floor windows of an apartment in the East Village neighborhood of New York. The flags had been there for over a year, and illuminated at night, but after an Aug. 12 white nationalist rally to preserve a Confederate statue in Charlottesville, Va., spiraled into violence the flags were met with hurled rocks, a punched-out window, a tarp hung over them and legal action before being removed. (PIX11 News via AP)

On March 5, the prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak at Michigan State University. The event quickly turned into a bust when only about three dozen people made it inside the building — while hundreds of Spencer supporters and anti-fascist protestors confronted each other outside, throwing rocks and punches. Local

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Bernie Sanders Rouses Progressive Candidates With Call to Fight Democratic and Republican Establishment

“The establishment wants, #1, to push tax cuts for millionaires and a war agenda. And #2 is to tell you ‘politics are too complicated for you, so don’t get involved.’” And Republicans’ “idea of a good election is nobody votes and big money dominates.”

yemen bill

WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ind-Vt., roused a crowd of hundreds of progressives running for political office—from county board to Congress—with a call to fight back against the political establishments of both parties. “When we have the least-qualified president in our history and right-wing extremists in governors chairs, our job is to

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Ohio Governor John Kasich Foresees End of Two-Party System

Kasich said that both the Republican and Democratic parties are failing the U.S. people, noting that “we may be beginning to see the end of a two-party system.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, right, joined by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, left, speaks during a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, June 27, 2017. (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Columbus, OH — On February 25th, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a staunch Trump critic and 2016 Republican presidential primary challenger, said that both the Republican and Democratic parties are failing the U.S. people, noting that “we may be beginning to see the end of a two-party system.” Appearing on ABC’s “This Week”, Kasich— who was allegedly

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