Son Of Victim Arrested For Protesting Military Exploitation Of 9/11

‘Using Sept. 11 as a justification for an unnecessary war, torture, drone strikes and civilian casualties compounds my grief and is wrong-minded and counterproductive.’

Jamie Roux, whose father was killed in the downing of United Airlines Flight 17, said he went to the remembrance ceremony but all he saw was a "program of military force." (Photo: US Marines/cc/flickr)

In Maine, a lone voice of protest at a small-town 9/11 ceremony has raised questions about how some mourn, and others exploit, the legacy of that day. Jamie Roux, whose father, James M. Roux, was one of the doomed passengers of 9/11's United Airlines Flight 17, was arrested on Sept. 11, 2015 for interrupting a remembrance ceremony in Freeport,

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