Sikh Author Forced to Remove His Turban At US Airport

A Sikh-American teenager, who wrote a book about bullying of Sikh children, was compelled to remove his turban at a California airport after being threatened by security who said that they would deny access to his flight if he did not comply.

Karanveer Singh Pannu, an 18-year-old high school student from New Jersey, was asked to remove his turban as part of a secondary test after he had gone through a metal detector and submitted to a pat down of his turban and chemical swab test for explosive material. "I refused at first but when they threatened me that I could not fly, I agreed,

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In Yet Another Alleged Hate Crime, Elderly Sikh Stabbed To Death In Fresno

Sikhs have been continuously targeted with violence and hate as would-be attackers of Muslims apparently mistake their beards and brown skin with Muslim-Americans.

San Fransisco:  A 68-year-old Sikh man was stabbed to death in California's Fresno city on January 1, prompting police to launch a hate crime probe into the city's first homicide. Gurcharan Singh Gill, an employee at local liquor store at Shields Express in West Shields Avenue was at work when he was stabbed to death during broad day light,

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Police Lock Up 12-Year-Old Sikh Student Because Racist Classmates Said He ‘Had A Bomb’

Because the 12 year-old boy was Indian and “looked Muslim” – even though he is a member of the Sikh religion – he was jailed up for three days at a juvenile detention facility.

Ginee Haer (right) pictured with her 12 year-old cousin, Armaan Singh Sarai (left). (Photo: Facebook/Ginee Haer)

Armaan Singh Sarai is a student at Nichols Junior High School in Arlington, Texas. Even though he is a good kid, a great student who never gets in trouble for anything, and even though he has a heart condition, Sarai was arrested and jailed for three days all because his school and the local police believed a bully’s racist accusation that he had a

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Sikh Fans Refused Entry To Chargers Stadium Because Of Their Turbans

Mahli and his friends apparently drove seven hours down from Fresno to get to the game. After the fans left their car to go into the stadium, another tailgater called the police to report that three turbaned men were moving stuff around in their trunk:

Sikh Football game

The Broncos kicked the shit out of the Chargers last week in San Diego. As always, plenty of Broncos fans showed up to laugh at Philip Rivers, but a few fans almost didn’t make it in because stadium security was scared of their turbans. 10News San Diego caught up with Verinder Malhi, one of the men initially turned away, and he said his friends

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