El valle de la muerte: la coalición saudita está creando una pesadilla viviente para los migrantes africanos en Yemen

Ahmed AbdulKareem cuenta la historia de Heramala y miles de migrantes africanos como él que hacen el desgarrador viaje a través de Yemen, con la esperanza de una vida mejor en Arabia Saudita.

Yemen African Migrants Feature photo

YEMEN-SAUDI BORDER -- Hoping for a better life, 32-year-old Hermala left Jimma, a poor farming district in Ethiopia's Oromia region, and set out towards Saudi Arabia. He faced unspeakable dangers along the journey, including death at sea, torture, and abuse in chasing what would ultimately remain an unfulfilled dream. Over the course of the

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War in the Horn of Africa May Be on the Horizon for the U.S.

In March of this year, the United States denied a visa application for the former Somali president, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who was scheduled to deliver a lecture. Somalia falls under the Trump regime’s current travel ban.

horn of africa

The United States tries to keep a tight lid on its official involvement in Africa — particularly the Horn where several nations have invested large sums of money and constructed bases in recent history. However, this build-up is getting hard to ignore. But what is Washington’s plan? Is a new war for resources on the horizon?   U.S.

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Calculating the Millions-High Death Toll of America’s Post-9/11 Wars

In the third and final part of his series, Nicolas JS Davies investigates the death toll of U.S. covert and proxy wars in Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen and underscores the importance of comprehensive war mortality studies.

A relative of two children and their mother, who died after a NATO bomb fell on their home, grieves during their funeral in Zlitan, Libya, Aug. 4, 2011. (AP/Dario Lopez-Mills)

In the first two parts of this report, I have estimated that about 2.4 million people have been killed as a result of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, while about 1.2 million have been killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a result of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan.  In the third and final part of this report, I will estimate how many people have been

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Trump’s New Targeting Rules Pave the Way for Escalating the US War in Somalia 

The rate of US drone strikes in Somalia have doubled since Trump enacted new rules reversing targeting procedures introduced by Obama in response to concerns about civilian casualties.

Somalian President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed seen here with commander US Marine Corps Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser earlier this year via Africom

Last week's US air operation in Somalia took the total number of strikes carried out in 2017 to a record 29, raising the possibility of an expansion in military operations outside of conventional battlefields under President Donald Trump. Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama had already escalated strikes in Somalia to 14 a year, reflecting the

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Imperialism, Intervention, “War On Terror” Detonate In Mogadishu

The recent devastating car bombing in Mogadishu has been blamed by Somali officials on the terrorist group al-Shabab. But the violence (and famine) that have beset Somalia have deeper roots — decades of imperialism and intervention, and use of Somalia as a staging grounds for the “war on terror.”

Somalis remove the body of a man killed in Saturday's blast, in Mogadishu, Somalia Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017. The death toll from the huge truck bomb blast in Somalia's capital rose to over 50 Sunday, with more than 60 others injured, as hospitals struggled to cope with the high number of casualties, security and medical sources said. (AP/Farah Abdi Warsameh)

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA -- In the Somali capital of Mogadishu, nearly 400 were killed, hundreds more were injured, and dozens are still missing after a car bomb was detonated at a busy intersection. According to a Somali official, the original target was a newly erected Turkish military base, the largest of its kind, and the Somali National Intelligence

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Blowback? Somalia Bombing Was ‘Revenge’ For Children Killed In US Raid

Suggesting blowback, investigators say bomber may have had very personal reason for attack: the killing of civilians by U.S. forces earlier this year

Zakariye Abdirisaq, left, who lost both his father and aunt in the bombing, is comforted by his cousin as they stand next to his father's grave, at a cemetery in Mogadishu, Somalia Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017. Anguished families gathered across Somalia's capital on Tuesday as funerals continued for the more than 300 people killed in one of the world's deadliest attacks in years, while others waited anxiously for any word of the scores of people still said to be missing. (AP/Mohamed Sheikh Nor)

New details emerged Tuesday about the possible motivations behind a bomb attack that killed more than 300 people in the Somalia capital of Mogadishu over the weekend—the deadliest such violence in the nation's history—with the information suggesting the bombing may been in direct retaliation for a raid by U.S. soldiers this summer that left 10

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