After Half Million Deaths, the Syrian Conflict Ending Where It Began

The American model of change at the ballot box is touted as the gold standard in democracy; however, the U.S. foreign policy for Syria under Obama called for armed rebellion and wholesale destruction of the infrastructure, not to mention the thousands killed, maimed and displaced.

A Syrian woman with the words "hands off" painted on her face takes part in a protest against US military action in Syria across the road from the entrance of Downing Street in London, Aug. 28, 2013.

DERAA, SYRIA -- (Op-Ed) The value of real estate is summed up by the mantra: “location, location, location.” Many have wondered why an insignificant agricultural city would be the origin of a seven-year conflict in Syria that has cost perhaps half a million lives. Most ask: Why wouldn’t a popular uprising begin in the capital, Damascus? If the

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Memo to the President Ahead of Monday’s Trump-Putin Summit

Ray McGovern and Bill Binney have written an open letter to President Trump ahead of Monday’s summit.

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit at the G20 Summit, July 7, 2017, in Hamburg. (AP/Evan Vucci)

With Friday’s indictments of Russian intelligence officers, Ray McGovern and Bill Binney have written an open letter to President Trump making clear that the “evidence” behind the indictments is as fraudulent as the intelligence alleging WMD in Iraq. It is being published exclusively here ahead of the Trump-Putin summit on Monday. BRIEFING FOR:

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The Trump-Putin Summit and the Syria Tug-of-War

Trump and Putin are likely to discuss the tricky situation in southern Syria when they meet; while the US president says he wants US forces back home, the CIA, Pentagon and Israel may be happier to see them stay so the war-torn state remains unstable

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, a Syrian government soldier, right, and a policeman,wld wave their national flag, at a village in the northern countryside of Homs province, Syria, Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Syrian government forces are in full control of the last rebel enclave in Syria's largest province after "overpowering terrorism" following the evacuation of thousands of armed men and civilians, an officer told state-run TV Tuesday. (SANA via AP)

Ahead of the Eagle-meets-Bear Trump-Putin summit on July 16 in Helsinki, Syria-centered spin has gone into overdrive. Unknown sources have leaked what is billed as President Trump’s alleged Syria deal discussed with Jordan’s King Abdullah. Trump would “allow” Damascus, supported by Russian air power, to regain its territory along the borders of

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