Lee Camp: ¿Se dispara el desempleo? Una sociedad evolucionada lo celebraría.

¿Por qué seguimos pretendiendo que los trabajos de mierda dan sentido a nuestras vidas?

Unemployment Feature photo

Washington DC (ScheerPost) -- Leaf blowers are everything wrong with capitalism. . . . I’ll explain that in a minute. We all know times are irredeemably grim, and they’re only getting worse. The unemployment level in America seems to be setting the record books aflame, and for some bizarre reason those numbers correlate nicely with the number of

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Al igual que con la atención médica, los demócratas ofrecen medidas poco entusiastas para la crisis de desalojo inminente

La moratoria federal sobre los desalojos expiró esta semana, dejando a 12 millones de inquilinos en riesgo de perder sus hogares, y al igual que lo hicieron con la atención médica, los demócratas están ofreciendo poco más que no-token sin soluciones.

Eviction Moratorium Feature photo

The best defense against a raging pandemic that has already claimed over 152,000 American lives is simply to stay home. But even this could soon become impossible for millions, as the United States is facing an impending eviction crisis of “biblical proportions,” according to the Housing Rights Initiative. Earlier this week, the federal moratorium

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A medida que los tanques de la economía de EE. UU., El estudio encuentra que los números de desempleo probablemente duplican la cifra oficial

"Estos hallazgos sobre los millones de archivadores frustrados y la baja tasa de pago del sistema de interfaz de usuario destacan la necesidad de políticas para mejorar en lugar de obstaculizar el proceso de solicitud de interfaz de usuario", señalaron los autores de los estudios.

Coronavirus unemployment Feature photo

As COVID-19 rips through the United States, a record 26.5 million Americans have filed for jobless benefits since mid-March alone; numbers not seen since the height of the Great Depression. Tens of millions have been laid off, furloughed, or seen business dry up in a matter of weeks. “Prepare yourself,” said a worried Kevin Hasset, senior economic

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Trump’s “Beautiful” Employment Numbers Mask an Ugly Reality for US Workers

No matter the jubilation articulated by the White House, Wall Street or the Washington press corps, happy days are most definitely not here again. So what accounts for the yawning chasm between a utopian jobless rate and a dystopian reality for a growing number of Americans?

President Donald Trump, right, talks to Scott Sauritch, a maintenance worker at Irvin Works and President of Local 2227, during an event in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, March 8, 2018. Trump signed two proclamations, one on steel imports and the other on aluminum imports. Susan Walsh | AP

WASHINGTON -- The Trump Administration and the media were positively giddy at the news: the U.S. had added 223,000 jobs in May, representing a record 92nd consecutive month of jobs growth, and reducing the unemployment rate to 3.8 percent, its lowest level since the height of the dotcom boom in 2000. “New Milestones in Jobs Report Signals a

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Ancient Greece Could Hold The Key To Solving Today’s Debt Crisis

Ancient Greece is perhaps best known for its contributions to mankind in the areas of philosophy, architecture, and science. But a modern-day economist suggests that some of the economic practices that were used in ancient times could help to solve Greece’s current debt crisis.

A man waves a Greek flag in front of the Greek Parliament during a rally against new austerity measures in Athens, May 18, 2017. (AP/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS (Interview) -- Closing in on a full decade in duration, the Greek economic crisis is unprecedented in the modern history of economically-developed nations. During this period, Greece’s GDP has declined by over a quarter, unemployment has skyrocketed to record levels, salaries and pensions have been decimated and a significant percentage of

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After Legalizing Marijuana, Unemployment Plummets In Colorado

According to a report from the New Data Frontier, which focuses on cannabis industry data, there could be as many as 283,000 jobs in cannabis by 2020.

Farmworkers transport newly-harvested marijuana plants, at Los Suenos Farms, America's largest legal open air marijuana farm, in Avondale, southern Colorado, Oct. 4, 2016. (AP/Brennan Linsley, File)

Colorado —Three years after legalizing cannabis, Colorado has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. “While the national unemployment rate dropped to 4.3 percent in May, the lowest since 2001, Colorado’s jobless rate is the nation’s lowest at 2.3 percent,” CNBC reported Monday. According to Governor John Hickenlooper, multiple factors have

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