Western Double Standards On Deadly Cluster Bombs

The U.S. continues to finds itself on the wrong side of history when it comes to cluster bombs and the UK, having signed and ratified the ban treaty, needs to choose which side it wants to be on.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

UNITED NATIONS - The 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) banned the use of these deadly weapons for two primary reasons: they release small bomblets over a wide area, posing extended risks beyond war zones, and they leave behind unexploded ordnance which have killed civilians, including women and children, long after conflicts have

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VIDEO: The Devastating Legacy Of Unexploded US Ordnance In Iraq

Iraq is one of the most bombed-out places in the world, where an estimated 50 million landmines and other munitions could detonate at any time.

DOHUK, Iraq — At the break of dawn on a crisp November morning, Omer Hassan gathers his crew around a wood fire, waiting for the breakfast tea to boil. From their base camp halfway up a mountain northeast of Dohuk, they quietly watch as daylight fills the remote valley. Hassan shifts his weight from his prosthetic limb. He lost his left leg 23

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