La fusión de Veolia vinculada a Flint acerca la privatización del agua a la "realidad global"

"Esta falta de competencia conducirá a costos inasequibles para las familias, procedimientos de seguridad y mantenimiento deficientes, pérdida de empleos sindicales y una corrupción potencialmente desenfrenada". – Vigilancia de alimentos y agua

Water privatization feature photo

Veolia, one of the world’s largest private water corporations, has just announced the acquisition of 29.9 percent of Suez Water, another of the planet’s largest multinationals, with a plan to gain full control at a later date. Based in France, Veolia already employs nearly 100,000 people worldwide, and this deal is set to greatly expand that. In

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Karavani de Redacted apunta su cañón de agua a Nestlé y su fraude de agua de manantial en Polonia

“¿El manantial de Polonia de Nestlé es lo mismo que el agua de su fregadero? No. Es peor. "Uno o más de los pozos de la compañía están cerca del presente o el antiguo vertedero de desechos humanos, vertederos o sitios similares".

Naomi Karavani

POLAND SPRING, MAINE -- Nestlé is facing a class-action lawsuit from consumers in eight states in New England, based on claims that the Poland Spring brand is “100% Natural Spring Water.” The plaintiffs, from Maine to Pennsylvania, are alleging deceptive labeling. A classic example is labeling something “all natural.” That label really means

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Con el petróleo, el agua e Irán como objetivos, Estados Unidos al borde del reconocimiento de la soberanía israelí sobre los Altos del Golán

Israel ahora está presionando para que Estados Unidos reconozca su soberanía sobre el Golán por temor a perderlo por completo, a pesar de que dicho reconocimiento podría dar lugar a una guerra total entre Israel y Siria, así como con aliados sirios como Irán y Hezbolá del Líbano. .

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, talks with Israeli soldiers at a military outpost during a visit at Mount Hermon in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights overlooking the Israel-Syria border on, Feb. 4, 2015. Baz Ratner | AP

WASHINGTON -- A new bill recently introduced in the Senate, along with its companion bill in the House, would result in the United States government recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over Syria’s Golan Heights, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967. The territory was later annexed in 1981, but the international community -- including the

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Con escasez de agua y recorte de la ayuda alimentaria de la ONU, la israelí Bev Co SodaStream abre una nueva planta en Gaza

La compañía israelí SodaStream anunció que abrirá una nueva fábrica en la sitiada Gaza, donde los residentes enfrentan escasez de agua y recortes de ayuda de la ONU.

Gaza Water

GAZA, PALESTINE -- Israeli company SodaStream announced today it will open a new factory in the besieged Gaza Strip. The announcement comes on the heels of a statement from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announcing it would cut food and general relief to Gaza, at a time when Palestinians living under an illegal blockade need it

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EPA Continues to Approve Hundreds of Dangerous PFAS Chemicals

Stopping human and animal exposure to PFAS would mean taking on massive chemical conglomerates like 3M, DuPont, and the military-industrial complex in court, which has proven to be a tremendously expensive and steeply uphill battle.


WASHINGTON -- Despite widespread evidence of the long-term danger and devastating consequences, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has continued approving new versions of a family of industrial chemicals known as perfluoroalkyls or PFAS. Publicly, the EPA has condemned the use of PFAS and supported efforts to curb the public health crisis

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Genocide? As Gaza Dries Out, Israel Turns Off Fresh Water Spigot

Rather than heeding the warnings from the UN to open up Gaza’s blockade and allow vital aid, what we have witnessed over the course of the last decade is a periodic all-out Israeli assault on Gaza’s vital infrastructure.

Palestinian children fill their bottles with water from a UNICEF tap in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. (Photo: UNICEF)

GAZA  (Analysis) -- Near the end of last month, Haaretz reported that, according to an expert hydrologist, 97 percent of Gaza’s drinking water has been contaminated by sewage and salt. The UN also confirmed that this was the case early last year, and clearly, the situation has remained unchanged even up until 2018. Robert Piper, the UN’s local

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