Texas Backs Wisconsin In Battle To Protect Partisan Gerrymandering

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is backing Wisconsin in a high-profile case asking the U.S. Supreme Court whether lawmakers can go too far when drawing political maps to advantage one party.

Illustration: (Anneke Paterson/Todd Wiseman/The Texas Tribune)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is backing Wisconsin in a high-profile case asking the U.S. Supreme Court whether lawmakers can go too far when drawing political maps to advantage one party. Paxton, a Republican, filed an amicus brief seeking to protect the status quo in political gerrymandering — redistricting maneuvers that allow controlling

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Controversial Sheriff David Clarke Takes Post At Department Of Homeland Security

Clarke is known for statements about racial justice activists, in one instance saying Black Lives Matter and the Islamic State (ISIS) were teaming up in a plot to destroy America.

Notorious Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke gets on an elevator after arriving at Trump Tower, Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Controversial Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke confirmed on Wednesday that he would be joining the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), prompting a chorus of outrage from those who say the cop who once compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK is unfit for the job. Clarke told a Milwaukee radio show that he would be appointed as assistant secretary

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Endangered Species Under GOP? The Online Language Of Climate Change

A recent reworking of language concerning climate change on a Wisconsin government website could be replicated under a Trump administration.

Endangered Species Under GOP? Climate Change Information on the Web

(ANALYSIS) --- James Rowen, a longtime Wisconsin journalist and environmental blogger, recently discovered a stark remaking of a state Department of Natural Resources web page on climate change and the Great Lakes. Until December, the page, dating from the Democratic administration of former Gov. James Doyle, had this headline 2014 "Climate

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Without Explanation, Supreme Court Rejects Wisconsin Corruption Case

«Today’s decision means that, for now, the people of Wisconsin will not know what special interests are secretly bankrolling their politicians.»

Former presidential candidate Scott Walker. Photo: Morry Gash/AP)

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal to re-launch a John Doe investigation into Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and conservative organizations in the state. Wisconsin Public Radio writes that the order, quietly issued without explanation, "would seem to mark the end of the road for the case known in Wisconsin as John

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Wisconson Catholic School Suspends Student For Speaking Native American Language

The teacher allegedly told the student, “You are not to speak like that! How do I know you’re not saying something bad? How would you like it if I spoke in Polish and you didn’t understand?”

Miranda Washinawatok, 12, was suspended from a basketball game after being reprimanded for using the Menominee language in class.

Miranda Washinawatok, a 12 year old Menominee student at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy in Shawano, Wisconsin, was suspended from school and school functions for speaking in the Menominee language while in class. Sacred Heart is more than 60 percent Native American, and is less than 6 miles from the Menominee Indian Tribe Reservation. As

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#DayWithoutLatinos: miles de personas protestan contra las facturas anti-inmigrantes en Wisconsin

"Wisconsin necesita trabajadores latinos e inmigrantes, y hoy todo el mundo lo sabe", dice Voces de la Frontera.

Wisconsin's Capitol Rotunda during massive mobilization against anti-immigrant laws (Photo: Twitter: @OLBLightBrigade)

Workers, students, and activists walked off the job and out of their schools for a massive action in Wisconsin on Thursday, protesting two anti-immigration bills currently advancing through the state legislature. Thousands of Wisconsinites converged at the State Capitol in Madison for A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants, organized by the

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