Fear Of The Walking Dead: The American Police State Takes Aim

While zombies may be the personification of our darkest fears, they embody the government’s paranoia about the citizenry as potential threats that need to be monitored, tracked, surveilled, sequestered, deterred, vanquished and rendered impotent.

A member of the St. Louis County Police Department points his weapon in the direction of a group of protesters in Ferguson, Mo. on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014.

“Fear is a primitive impulse, brainless as hunger, and because the aim of horror fiction is the production of the deepest kinds of fears, the genre tends to reinforce some remarkably uncivilized ideas about self-protection. In the current crop of zombie stories, the prevailing value for the beleaguered survivors is a sort of siege mentality, a

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Zombie Nation

What collective neurosis is the American public trying to untangle with its ongoing obsession with the undead?

With Halloween fast approaching and with events abroad and in Washington more than enough to scare the living daylights out of anyone, let us ponder for a moment the nation’s latest obsession: zombies. Yes, that’s right: the living dead have broken from the bounds of nerd memedom and burst -- or rather, have shuffled aimlessly -- into the American

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