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Satélite de medición de carbono de la NASA tomará órbita esta semana

Un satélite de la NASA entrará en órbita el martes para ayudar a la agencia a comprender mejor el papel del carbono en nuestro clima cambiante.

ECOWATCH -- A NASA satellite will take orbit Tuesday to help the agency better understand carbon’s role in our changing climate. With the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, scientists can record around 100,000 measurements of carbon dioxide measurements in detail each day around the world. “Now that humans are acknowledging the environmental

In Emanuel’s ‘War On Educators,’ Hundreds More Chicago Teachers Laid Off

Public school advocates expected to mount challenge against corporate-controlled city government.

Following the announcement (pdf) that Chicago Public Schools is laying off nearly 1,200 teachers and key staff members, public school advocates on Friday slammed the cuts as further proof of the city government's support of the corporate charter school system which they say is "siphoning students out of public schools and contributing to a system

Official: US Fueling Crisis In Ukraine

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian people displaced as a result from ongoing fighting in the east.

The ongoing and violent crisis in Ukraine is being largely fueled by the United States, a top Russian diplomat charged on Saturday. According to Russian foreign minister Sergei, peace within the warring country would be more likely if negotiations were left to Russia and Europe. However, as he told Rossiya 1 channel's news show Sergey Brilev's

5 Things To Know About Washington Legal Pot Sales

Here are five things to know about challenges facing the industry.

SEATTLE  — The nation's second legal recreational marijuana market is opening in Washington state next week, but it might not be what voters expected when they legalized the sale of heavily taxed pot a year and a half ago. FEW STORES: The state's Liquor Control Board plans to issue up to 20 marijuana retail licenses on July 7, and stores can

High Court Rejects Google Appeal In Snooping Case

The Supreme Court has declined to hear Google’s appeal of a ruling that it pried into people’s online lives through their Wi-Fi systems as part of its drive to collect information for its Street View mapping project.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has declined to hear Google's appeal of a ruling that it pried into people's online lives through their Wi-Fi systems as part of its drive to collect information for its Street View mapping project. The justices did not comment Monday in leaving in place a ruling that Google employees violated the federal wiretap

After Airstrikes, Israel Threatens To Occupy Gaza

Warnings issued days after Israel conducts targeted assassination against two Palestinian men.

Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman is threatening a menacing ultimatum—continued airstrikes or full occupation—an Israeli military-owned radio station quoted him as saying on Sunday. The comments came hours after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched an airstrike on the Gaza strip in retaliation for what they said were projectiles