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Salafism Vs. Wahhabism: Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s Proxy War Rages In Syria Thanks To US Militarism

Salafi jihadist scholar Abdullah al-Muhaysini is one of many agents working on behalf of Qatar to combat Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist ideology. Their battleground is Syria, where a so-called “civil war” is covering up a silent fight between competing political movements.

Abdullah al-Muhaysini, a member of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an alliance of jihadist factions that includes the al-Nusra Front.

BEIRUT (Op-Ed)-- Qatar’s main man operating in Syria is Saudi Arabian Abdullah al-Muhaysini. He is a PhD, having received his doctorate in Islamic law from the Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. On June 16, 2017 al-Muhaysini survived an assassination attempt while leaving the Abu Thar al-Ghafari Mosque in Syria’s Idlib

U.S. Military’s Anti-Terror Efforts In The Philippines Fueling Human Rights Violations

U.S. forces have teamed up with the Philippines’ military to combat terrorist groups in the country, ostensibly to bring about peace. But numerous human rights violations have sprung up in their wake and some believe that the U.S.’ ultimate goal may be to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

  MARAWI-- As United States special forces near their third week in Marawi, a city on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, observers say their participation in the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ battle to reclaim the city from the ISIS (Daesh)-linked Maute group was also aimed at reinforcing more than a century of U.S. control over the

Ron Paul: Trump is Just Like CNN, Putting Out His Own Fake News to Start War in Syria

“So President Trump is fighting against CNN’s ‘fake news’ while he is putting out fake news that the Syrian government is about to attack its citizens with gas? Trump has more in common with CNN than he would like us to believe.”

In a peculiar move, the White House announced Monday evening a chemical weapons attack in Syria will be carried out soon by the regime of Bashar al-Assad against civilians — the second government-launched attack on his own people in the past few months — and that the U.S. would pulverize Syrian forces as retribution. If, that is, gargantuan

El-Sisi: Egypt’s Antihero And The Broader Regional Implications

In sharp contrast to Nasser, el-Sisi, Egypt’s antihero has thrown his lot in with Israel and Saudi Arabia against his Arab brethren.   El-Sisi’s betrayal has been so outlandish and stark that even the neocon leaning New York Times published a scathing article titled: “Egypt’s Lost Islands, Sisi’s Shame” by Adhaf Soueif.    This is a remarkable piece rarely seen in the pages of the NYT given its reputation (see LOOT for example).

“You can’t make war in the Middle East without Egypt and you can’t make peace without Syria.”   -   HenryKissinger In Egyptian mythology, gods were considered heroes.  In more modern times, it is men who are the heroes.    Without a doubt, General Gamal Abdul Nasser has secured his legacy as a hero - a revolutionary who fought for Egypt and

Israel Strikes Syrian Army in ‘Desperate Attempt’ to Aid Al-Qaeda In Golan Heights

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces said the attack followed the government’s thwarting of a wide-scale offensive on the area surrounding al-Baath city in the Quneitra countryside by the forces of “Nusra Front,” an al-Qaida affiliate that has since rebranded itself as the “Levant Liberation Committee.” The general command added that the move was a “desperate attempt” by the Israelis to support terrorist groups who continue to suffer heavy losses inflicted by the country’s armed forces, according to the SANA news agency.

The move came as Syria presses its offensive against jihadist rebels in Quneitra, including those who admit to receiving aid from Tel Aviv. Israeli forces attacked Syrian military positions Wednesday after they claimed a stray mortar shell landed inside the illegally occupied Golan Heights. The move came as the Syrian Army continued to fend off

Wikileaks: Crown Prince of UAE asked Americans to bomb Al Jazeera headquarters

The same document also revealed that Bin Zayed had advised the Americans not to have journalists accompany them during the first attack on Afghanistan so they could not report civilian victims.

The Crown Prince of the UAE Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan asked the Americans to bomb the headquarters of Al Jazeera during the US war on Afghanistan, revealed yesterday. According to the document bin Zayed spoke about a meeting between his father and the former Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. The same document also