El discurso de la desesperanza: cómo el pesimismo palestino podría provocar una rebelión muy necesaria

El mayor desafío de Palestina no es el hecho de que la gente no se registre como un factor en la liberación de su propia tierra, sino la incapacidad de su liderazgo para apreciar el inmenso potencial de aprovechar las energías de los palestinos en todas partes para organizar un enfoque anticolonial centrado y estratégico. , campaña de liberación.

Palestinian Feature photo

In a recent TV discussion, a respected pro-Palestine journalist declared that if any positive change or transformation ever occurs in the tragic Palestinian saga, it would not happen now, but that it would take a whole new generation to bring about such a paradigm shift. As innocuous as the declaration may have seemed, it troubled me

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The Frightening Pro-War Twist Of The Democrats ‘Resistance’

The anti-Trump “#Resistance” has become a movement to defend the Democratic establishment’s pro-war policies, to purge anti-war Democrats, and even to embrace Donald Trump’s attack on Syria

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the 2016 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference, March 21, 2016, at the Verizon Center in Washington.

The Resistance, a self-aggrandizing term for what amounts to a relatively small but still powerful claque of embittered Clinton surrogates, has been keeping itself busy of late, fanning the flames of McCarthyite recriminations against anyone who dares question the rather flimsy public evidence that Russia influenced the results of the 2016

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GMO Failure Has Farmers Resorting To More Pesticides

Midwest farmers douse their fields in chemicals as insects grow resistant to Bt Corn.

Pesticide use is skyrocketing across the Midwestern U.S. corn belt, as biotech companies like Syngenta and AMVAC Chemical watch their pesticide sales spike 50 to 100 percent over the past two years, NPR reported Tuesday. The culprit? Bt corn—a type of genetically engineered corn with insecticide built into its genes. Variations of this corn

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