Mientras el genocidio de Israel en Gaza no se interrumpe, ¿Europa finalmente está tomando nota?

Un asedio largo y cruel, los constantes ataques israelíes que causaron la muerte de innumerables civiles, la destrucción de viviendas e infraestructura, la pobreza extrema y el trauma siguen siendo el pan de cada día de los palestinos en Gaza.

Gaza Europe Feature photo

A report published by the United Nations in 2018 stated that by the year 2020 the Gaza Strip would be uninhabitable. It said specifically that, “the United Nations has stated that Gaza may well be unlivable by 2020.” The report emphasized also that “Michael Lynk, Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories

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Coronavirus: ¿Cómo tratan los países europeos a los refugiados en medio de la pandemia?

Descuidar a los refugiados mientras luchan contra el coronavirus es tan tonto como inhumano. Los últimos meses nos han enseñado que las estrategias egocéntricas no se aplican en los casos de crisis sanitarias mundiales.

Europe Refugees Coronavirus Feature photo

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading its tentacles throughout China and eventually to the rest of the world, the World Health Organization (WHO), along with other international groups, sounded the alarm that refugees and migrants are particularly vulnerable to the deadly disease. “We strongly emphasize the need for inclusive national

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La CIA Docs muestra que Reino Unido, Francia y Alemania Occidental querían traer la "Operación Cóndor" a Europa

La idea misma de que los países europeos querían llevar una campaña terrorista horrible como Condor a su continente para atacar a los "subversivos" debería servir como una advertencia para los europeos que confían en el interés de su gobierno en promover la democracia y los derechos humanos, mientras exportan el terror al extranjero.

Stroessner | Videla

SANTIAGO, CHILE -- A recently declassified CIA document has revealed that members of the intelligence agencies of France, the United Kingdom and West Germany discussed how to establish “an anti-subversive organization similar to [the CIA’s Operation] Condor” in their own countries. Described by the CIA as “a cooperative effort by the

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Steve Bannon Declares ‘War Rooms’ to Win European Elections – and That’s Not Meddling?

America has relentlessly meddled in scores of countries to determine election outcomes. Steve Bannon is but the latest brazen expression of US malign activity.

Steve Bannon Elections

One trait of imperial decadence is untrammeled hubris. Given the increasingly arrant arrogance on display by United States’ officials, public figures and news media we can safely conclude that this empire is accelerating into decadence. A recent spectacular example comes with separate visits to Europe by US defense secretary James Mattis and

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Trump Sanctions on Iran May Already Be Backfiring as Tehran’s Oil Revenues Soar

Further oil price increases could trigger a slowdown in domestic or global economic growth, which could further complicate the U.S.’ Iran policy and Trump’s domestic political situation.

Iran China Oil

TEHRAN, IRAN -- Despite the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign targeting the Iranian economy, Iran’s crude oil and oil product revenues jumped a surprising 60 percent from March 21 to July 23. In addition, figures provided by Iran’s Central Bank show that Iran’s revenues from oil sales soared by 84.2 percent over that same period,

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Can Europe Defend Itself And Iran From U.S. Sanctions?

The US and Europe have been drifting apart for years. Nowhere is this clearer than in the disagreement between the United States and Europe over the fate of the Iran nuclear deal.

Heiko Maas EU Iran

In an op-ed published last week in the German newspaper Handelsblatt, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas declared that the “the US and Europe have been drifting apart for years.” Nowhere is this clearer than in the disagreement between the United States and Europe over the fate of the Iran nuclear deal. When President Trump withdrew from the Joint

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